The membership of the Gateway Commission is comprised of two representatives from each of the eight member towns, two members selected by the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments, and a representative of the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection.  Officers for the commission include Dr. J. Melvin Woody of Lyme (chairman), Suzanne Thompson of Old Lyme (vice chairman), Madeleine (Madge) Fish of Old Saybrook (secretary), and Margaret (Peggy) Wilson of Chester (treasurer).

The Commission conducts a great deal of its work through its subcommittees which include Public Outreach, Governance, Land and Finance.

Current members are as follows:

Chester:  Margaret (Peggy) Wilson (member) and Errol Horner (alternate)  

Deep River:  Nancy Fischbach (member) and Kate Cotton (alternate) 

Essex:   Claire Matthews (member) and Jerri MacMillian (alternate)    

East Haddam:   Harvey Thomas (member) and Crary Brownell (alternate)

Haddam:   Susan Bement (member) and Frank (Chip) Frey (alternate)

Lyme:   Dr. J. Melvin Woody (member) and Emily Bjornberg (alternate)

Old Lyme:   Suzanne Thompson (member) and Peter Cable (alternate)

Old Saybrook:   Madeleine (Madge) Fish (member) and Belinda Ahern (alternate)

RiverCOG Representative:   Raul Debrigard

DEEP Commissioner’s Representative:   David Blatt, Sr. Environmental Analyst

The Commission is represented in legal matters by Attorney Mark Branse of Glastonbury.