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Bonamomi Property

Heron surveying the river while resting on the dock post

Great Blue Heron, Tanisha Bergeron

24 Acres • Chester

Partners: State of Connecticut

For the love of the land and wildlife

Local landowners and families often recognize the importance of the Connecticut River, as well as the conservation challenges it faces.

One such family is the Bonanomis. Given their love of the land, and the importance of their land for wildlife habitat, river protection, and the area’s rural character, the Bonanomis approached the Gateway Commission to help conserve their land.

The Commission, in turn, worked with the State of Connecticut to facilitate a conservation agreement (conservation easement) that met the needs of the family and their conservation goals.

The land remains in private ownership, stays on the tax rolls, and can be sold, donated, or bequeathed according to terms of the conservation agreement.

Landowners who conserve their land often qualify for state and federal income tax benefits. Thanks to their vision and generosity, the view from the river now will permanently retain its scenic character for all to enjoy.


aerial photo indicating property boundaries