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Connecticut River Gateway Commission Publications & Other Resources

Links may also lead to resources found on conservation partner or other websites. They are provided for your convenience and for informational purposes only. External links posted on this website do not constitute the Commission’s endorsement, as web content may change over time.


Land Conservation Partnership Examples

The Gateway Commission has a history of partnering with nonprofits, towns, and family landowners to protect land.

The Commission can offer protection strategy insights and even tangible assistance.

Lords Cove Partnership

The Connecticut River Gateway Commission was a key partner in a broad coalition to eradicate Phragmites in Lords Cove, a scenic offshoot of the Connecticut River in Lyme.

Gateway Commission History

Guardians of the Connecticut River

The Haddam Bulletin published a series of articles about people and organization who protect the Connecticut River.

The first installment covers the creation of the Connecticut River Gateway Commission.

A History of Chapman's Pond and Its Preservation

Chapman Pond in East Haddam, CT, was an important preservation success. The Connecticut River Gateway Commission played a key role in assisting its purchase by The Nature Conservancy.

Author Stephen R. Gephard wrote what has been described as a “real cliffhanger” outlining the many twists and turns that led to the property’s conservation. His story was published in “Connecticut Woodlands,” a publication of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association in 1982/83.

Connecticut River Gateway Commission Donates $5,000 to "The Preserve" Fund

The Commission financially supported “The Preserve’s” creation in Old Saybrook, Essex and Westbrook.  From 2014 Old Lyme “Events.”

A Perspective from Over a Century Ago

Read about the Zone’s “charming scenery” from a 1906 newspaper point of view. In the unknown journalist’s words, “the prettiest part of the valley, in the opinion of nearly all who are thoroughly familiar with it, is from Middletown south to Saybrook.”

Additional Resources

beautiful starry nights can be put at risk by light pollution
Tanisha Bergeron Sunset 1

What We Lose When It Is Never Night

Science Magazine — The ecological effects of light pollution.

February 17, 2023 / Volume 379, Issue 6633

Light Pollution is Skyrocketing

Insights in Science Magazine — Data from citizen scientists reveal a worrying growth in light pollution over the past decade.

January 20, 2023 / Volume 379, Issue 6629

Dark Skies and Light Pollution

The International Dark-Sky Association offers eBrochures on night lighting and crime; the effects of light pollution on our health and that of wildlife; and how light pollution wastes energy and money.

Please contact the Association directly for brochures in Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic.

eight member Town map

Yes, We Have No Land

Although the CT River Gateway Commission has helped preserve over a thousand acres of land in the Zone, it does not own any land or hold any land protection agreements (often referred to as conservation easement). Since its creation in 1973, all the land the Gateway Commission has helped acquire and any land protection agreements it negotiated have been donated to the State of Connecticut, towns or land trusts for their care.

Checkout this interactive map of the Zone.